Milan's tradition and modern sensibility for the Clotilde Brera menu which embraces Italian spirit, with balanced choice of ingredients and the creative touch of Chef Domenico della Salandra.

Lunch Menu

Parma Ham(ages 24 months)

Burrata Mozzarella from Andria

Mondeghili (typycal Milanese meatballs) and lime scented mayonnaise

Pumpkin cake with smoked Provola cheese and stewed savoy cabbage

Gratinéed artichokes, crescenza cheese and balsamic vinegar

Green olives and picked vegetables

Jerusalem artichokes, potatoes and hazelnuts cream

Spelt spaghetti, turnip tops and anchovies juice

Legumes soup with squids and scented olive oil

Potatoes gnocchi with veal ragout and Pecorino cheese

Baked cod, seared spinach, raisins and pine kernels

Sirloin beef steak with baked potatoes and rosemary

Savoy cabbage filled with Castelmagno cheese and concentrated red wine

NizzardaLettuce, eggs, tuna, olives, anchovies

Caesar SaladLettuce, grilled chicken, parmesan and croutons

Winter SaladOranges, fennels, lettuce, green apple, ricotta and raisin

SalmonToasted bread, steamed spinachs, salmon and mayo

Baked HamToasted bread, smoked baked ham, hollandaise sauce

ArtichokesToasted bread, artichokes, hollandaise sauce

Chocolate cake

Crème Caramel

Apple pie with cinnamon

Seasonal fresh fruits


* reading allergens, please refer to a waiter for further information*some ingredients might have been freezed/flash freezed before preparation, please refer to a waiter for further information