Milan's tradition and modern sensibility for the Clotilde Brera menu which embraces Italian spirit, with balanced choice of ingredients and the creative touch of Chef Domenico della Salandra.

Main Menu

Milanese RisottoMatch it with our drink MAYA WELL, between great classic and contemporary creativity, it will amaze You!

Veal CutletTry it also in pairing with AMERI-CALMO, another our "classic", you can't get enough of It.

Beef tongue and green sauce

Barley soup

Braised veal shank and mashed potatoes

Cassoeula:typical milanese soup of savoy cabbage; pork rind, ribs, sausages and pig’s trotter

Monkfish, bagna cauda (garlic and anchovies sauce) and late radicchio

Grilled artichoke, bottarga and sweet and sour mayonnaise

Potatoes, guanciale, blue cheeseand apricot chutney

Poached egg, cheese cream and black pepper crumbleAsk to taste it with the cocktail PURPLE PLACE, flavour explosion will be unic.

Stew with cuttlefish, clams and dulse seaweed

Beef tartare, mustard, Barbera wine and burrata cheese

Grouper, lentils, smoked bacon

Cannelloni with duck ragout and concentrated red wine

Soft braised beef, pumpkin and amaretto

Casoncelli pasta filled with polenta, black cabbage, jerusalem artichokes and Bagoss (typical cheese from Lombardia)

Lamb loin, black cabbage, rye and acid cream

Umbrine with Pearà (typical sauce from Verona made with breadcrumb and marrow), cauliflower and turnip tops

Baked cod, turnip tops and sauce of butter and and flour

Grilled seabass, chicory, toasted hazelnuts, black truffle

Drowned in hazelnut and coffee

Pears, liquid chocolate, goat milk cheese and caramel

Bavarese from Lombardia

Apple tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream

Mont blanc

Bonet, (typical Piedmont chocolate pudding) amaretti and amaranth

CHEESE TASTING (3/6/10 pieces)

Poached egg, cheese sauce and pepper crumble

Milanese Risotto

Beef tongue with green sauce

Roast beef, pumpkin and amaretto


Bavarese from Lombardia

Cauliflower, jerusalem artichoke, dark chocolate

Grilled seabass, chicory, toasted hazelnuts, black truffle

Sweetbreads, oysters and yoghurt herbs scented

Tortelli filled with foie gras and demi-glace

Duck breast with honey, caramelized figs and red wine


Pears, liquid chocolate, goat milk cheese and caramel


*with the exception of products marked with an asterisk (*), the raw material is suppied fresh and thermally blasted only after internal processing to best preserve the organoleptic qualities.