Milan's tradition and modern sensibility for the Clotilde Brera menu which embraces Italian spirit, with balanced choice of ingredients and the creative touch of Chef Domenico della Salandra.

Dinner Menu

Milanese risotto

Breadcrumbed veal cutlet

Braised veal shank and mashed potatoes

Fricandò (typical hotpot) with veal, savoy cabbage and mustard

Gratin mushrooms, pecorino and sweet shallot

Umbrine ceviche, sweet potato and coriander

Octopus, seafood sauce and parsley

Veal in tuna sauce, its stock reduced with sweet wine

Pumpkin tartlet, carob and honey

Pasta with salty cod ragout and seafood

Amberjack, sweet root and hazelnuts broth

Casoncelli (kind of tortelli) with beef tail ragout, buffalo mozzarella and truffle

Breadcrumbed tuna, robiola cheese, chestnuts and mustard

Confit piglet cheek, myrtle and red onion

Spaghettoni, garlic, olive oil, chilli, anchovies and botargo

Gnocchi of rice flour, vegetables sauce and Bagoss cheese

Apple pie, crescenza cheese and sider

Frangipane cake, pears and gin

Glazed zuccotto cake

Chestnuts, smoked chocolate and yogurt

Hazelnuts, caramel and coffee

Ice creams and sherbets

Beef tongue with green sauce

Egg, Parmigiano cheese foam and ginger

Milanese Risotto

Beef belly, potatoes, its stock with marsala wine

Zuppa inglese

Breadcrumbed veal brain, lime scented mayonnaise and anchovies juice

Eggplant parmigiana, ‘nduja salami and pecorino cheese

Spaghettone pasta with blue cheese and mussels

Seafood salad

Sicilian cannolo


*with the exception of products marked with an asterisk (*), the raw material is suppied fresh and thermally blasted only after internal processing to best preserve the organoleptic qualities.