Authenticity, simplicity and refinement.

At the time of Princess Clotilde's birth, the Milanese chefs celebrated the genuineness of raw materials and the tie with nature and season cycle. This kind of cuisine requires an easy preparation and a great respect for the origin of ingredients.

These basics inspired the concept of this bistrot: the devotion for top quality products and old recipes revisited in a creative way and highlighted in their noble simplicity.

Clotilde Bistrot Autumn Menu

"The only moment of true happiness is the one in harmony with other people."

Spaghetti with tomato and stracciatella mozzarella

Lasagna with pumpkin, zola cheese and walnuts

Tagliatelle with Bolognese ragout

Orecchiette pasta with sausage and mushrooms

Semolina gnocchi with smoked salmon, chardonnay sauce and pink pepper

Gateau with potatoes, vegetables, dried tomato and scamorza cheese

Chicken with almonds, teriyaki sauce, fried leeks and roz rice

Turkey cutlet crumbed with peanuts, mashed potatoes and mushrooms

Seabream fillet with baked potatoes

Sliced beef with green pepper, carrots and jerusalem artichokes

Pumpkin and ginger cream, amaretto crumble and jerusalem artichokes chips

Mushrooms soup with sausage balls

Make your dishes richer with:CroutonsChicken filletsCrunchy speck

Cous cous with chicken, teriyaki sauce and vegetables caponata

CLOTILDE BOWL:Black and basmati rice, edamame, red cabbage, avocado, sprouts, sesame, teriyaki and yoghurt sauce

Spelt with citrus, almonds, capers, pistachio and dried tomatoes

Mixed salad with mozzarella, tomatoes, guacamole, tuna, spicy sweet and sour sauce

Marinated salty beef meat with stracciatella mozzarella, rocket, anchovies and parsley

CLUB SANDWICHBread, cooked ham, fried egg, bacon, cheese and lettuce, served with potatoes chips

GOURMET BURGERBeef meat burger, caramelized onion, crunchy bacon, dried tomato, aged cheddar and mustard served with potatoes chips and salad

FOCACCIA GOURMETBuffalo milk mozzarella, dried tomato, raw ham and capers powder

PIADINA GOURMETBresaola, grilled zucchini, rocket and Grana Padano cheese

MULTICEREALS SANDWICHBaked zucchini, smoked scamorza cheese, basil and almonds pesto, confit tomato and mint

Tiramisù with amaretto

Berries cheesecake

Panna cotta with yoghurt and peach gelatine

Ice cream with coconuts flakes

Crunchy egg, Grana Padano fondue and speck

Artichokes in batter, stracciatella mozzarella and anchovies

Roasted octopus and lemon scented potatoes

Typical cold cuts and cheese selection

Beef tartare with mustard scented mayonnaise

Paccheri pasta with artichokes, prawns and saffron

Pizzoccheri (typical pasta of buckwheat) with savoy cabbage, potatoes, butter and Casera cheese

Garganelli pasta with beef ragout, red wine from Langhe and Grana Padano flakes

Risotto with Taleggio cheese, caramelized pears and black cabbage powder

Ravioli, cheese cream and black pepper

Artichokes and potatoes terrine, Lodigiano cheese sauce and scented bread chips

Roasted salmon fillet with dill sauce, chicory and anchovies salad

Gourmet burger with caramelized onion, zola cheese fondue, sage and crunchy bacon

Beef fillet, its stock and backed potatoes

Braised piglet cheek with polenta

Mondeghili and green sauceTypical meal of Milanese tradition, probably inspired by spanish “albondigas”. In 1839 Francesco Cherubini, in his dictionary, Milanese – Italian, describe them: “kind of meat balls made with mincet meat, bread, eggs and others“

Milanese risottoThe “ris giald”. True Milanese risotto born in 1957 on belgian glassmaker Valerio di Fiandra's table when during his daughter's wedding, he wanted add in a simple white risotto some saffron for have a brighty coulorful that reminds Duomo of Milan windows.

Milanese veal cutlet with potatoes and lemonThe most famous Milanese dish was born in 1749, when arrives “Revolution cutlet” from France, breadcrumbed and fried, then exported also in Austria by duchess Maria Luigia from Parma

Piedmont boiled mixedOne of favourites dishes of Camillo Benso Count of Cavour and King Vittorio Emanuele II, the “Gran Bollito Misto Piemontese” find its place in the modern Clotilde’s cuisine, with beef, veal and chiken meat, served with traditional vegetables, green sauce and mustard

Veal in tuna sauceWas the writer and gastronome Pellegrino Artusi the first one who put this dish from Piedmont inside his famous recipe book "science and art of eat well" in 1891. The recipe was with a dark sauce (in dialect "tannè") made with anchovies and capers.

Grilled vegetables

Stewed vegetables

Mix Salad

Clotilde Tiramisù with Marsala

Cheesecake with red fruits

Soft chocolate cake with Chantilly cream

Apple tarte tatin with ice cream

Fruit salad

*Except for marked products (*), all ingredients are supplied fresh and thermically reduced to  -18°C, just after internal manipulation in order to preserve better the organoleptic properties according the HACCP protocols.

Sweet or salty breakfast with a fresh and embracing juice like blueberry and many extracted juices.At Clotilde, your breakfast will become an undeniable ritual, because of ingredients quality, and our warm sense of hospitality: from soft atmosphere to modern interiors, every detail is placed for your enjoyable mornings.Available: free Wi-Fi, buffet access from 7 am to 10:30 am.


For all Milan's citizens and tourist, our brunch is by now an undeniable relax moment on Sundays, to enjoy with friends and family.A lightful and trendy location, fitting to everyone.Perfect for a peaceful wakeup and for a pure coffee-smell good morning.Our brunchers may access the buffet limitless, to taste eggs, sweet and salted croissants, pancakes and tarts, all combined with our gorgeous seasonal fruits.Available: free Wi-Fi, controllesd access to buffet from 12 am to 3:30 pm every Sunday.



Quick service, ingredients high quality, healthy and tasty recipes, with an original touch.A perfect menu to energy restore and going through the afternoon, no matter if for job, study or leisure time.You may choose between cold dishes like gourmet salads, and tasty sandwiches.Every day we offer first courses, second and side dishes, according to season products.At Clotilde Bistrot we care for people with food special needs, like vegans or vegetarians, keeping in touch with taste and quality.

Clotilde Bistrot is also a cocktail bar and is the ideal venue to have a drink in the heart of Milan: an experienced bartender will serve you your favorite cocktail and amaze you with mixtures that quench your thirst for originality.Our wine list, the selection of craft beers and proposals of spirits and liqueurs fulfill the demands of those who likes to freely choice a prosecco or a classic Italian drink.Available: free Wi-Fi, cocktail bar from 17:00 to 21.00, from Monday to Saturday.


Clotilde welcomes you every night, from Monday to Saturday, to discover local recipes, well revised by our chefs.A magic, warm and cozy place, where to relax after a hard day, or just before take down to Milan's movida, just a few steps from Clotilde.An everyone experience, from family and kids to a business or friends dinner, and caring also for particular food needs, as vegans or vegetarians.Available: free Wi-Fi, dinner at Clotilde from 19:00 to 23:00, from Monday to Saturday.

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